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Learn kitesurfing with us in Costa da Caparica  Albufeira Lagoon or at the T or in Tagus River,
and in all three locations we have fix facilities to receive you and present you with the best kite
experience available. All our equipment is from the brand rrd and it’s latest models. Our students
use a full set of equipment without sharing equipment on a maximum ratio of 1:3 to teacher.

Level 1 – Initiation (3 hours) Group lessons  100€
Level 1 – Initiation (3 hours) Private lessons  160€

– Introduction to Kitesurf;
– How to set up the Kite and lines;
– Safety rules on the beach and on the water and all safety mechanisms;
– Control of the kite and understanding of the wind window;
– First rules of right of way and understanding the wind behavior;
– Full control of landing and relaunch of the kite.
– IKO certify with the established trainee’s level.

Level 2 – Intermedium (3 hours) Group lessons : 100€ 
Level 2 – Intermedium (3 hours) Private lessons : 160€ 

– First contact with the water and the body drag technics. 
– Fell the traction of the kite while floating on top of the water going downwind and being able to control the kite with onlyone hand on the bar while maintaining full control of the body position;
– Full control of the kite water relaunch in all possible ways;
– Downwind bodydrag;
– Body drag both ways (right and left);
– Self rescue on the water;
– Body drag to recover a lost board and being able to return to the beach in control of the kite
and board;
– Understanding the de-power system and how to trim it;
– Rules of right of way on the water and safety rules.
– IKO certify with the established trainee’s level.

Level 3 – Independent (3 hours) Group lessons 100€
Level 3 – Independent (3 hours) Private 160€

– First contact with the water start thecnics ;
– Control the kite while positioning the board and body to water start;
– First attempts on standing up with full control of the kite position on the wind window;
– Rules of right of way while riding;
– First meters on the water riding in both directions;
– Understanding the conditions and the right equipment for you level;
– IKO certify with the established trainee’s level.

Level 4 – Advance (4 hours Group) 130€
Level 4 – Advance (4 hours Private) 220€

– Initiation to riding technics and full control of body position while being able to control riding 
– Improve on your body posture and improve your upwind and downwind skills;
– First attempts on turning without stoping;
– First attempts at jumping (depends on evolution:.
– IKO certify with the established trainee’s level.

Our lessons include:
– All the required equipment (Kite, Bar, Harness, Wetsuit, Helmet, Impact Vest, Radio)
– Photos and Videos from the lessons,
– IKO card at the end,
– All the insurances required by the Portugal Turism Office and the RNAT certification,
– After your lessons we will be available for any question and doubts you might have,
– Need help with your personal gear? Call us,
– Self Rescue on and off the water as well as all the safety rules,
– Certified instructors from IPDJ and IKO.

Why choose us? 
Because we have been teaching
Since 2004

What’s the need for the IKO certify?
The card is valid internationally in any IKO school or centre, it
allows you to rent equipment and it proves your degree.

Where is the school located?
The school is located in Costa da Caparica (Praia da Nova Vaga)
and the courses also can take place at the following beaches:

– Lagoa de Albufeira

– Guincho

– Barreiro

- Fonte da Telha

What’s the equipment provided by the school?
The school provides all the equipment.


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